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Docker Image Style

Use only well maintained images FROM a trusted registry

We trust "Docker" and "ourselves". As a consequence, you can pull images from, or

Image names and versions

  1. Image names should not contain version info "in themselves".

    Example: There is no mysql4:1.0 or ubuntu14:0.4 but only mysql:4.x.x and ubuntu:14.0.4

  2. you MUST use latest only with the most recent STABLE version (not necessarily the latest being build).

    Example: php:latest

  3. container:major - this is for a specific version/featureset.

    Example: php:4, php:5

  4. container:major.minor - this is for a specific (compatible) version with a compatible featureset

    Example: mysql:5.6, mysql:5.7

  5. container:major.minor.patch - this is/must be EXACTLY THE current container. If anybody needs THIS container he has to use this tag.

    Example: mysql:5.6.28, mysql:5.7.10

Adding information to version


  • php:5.6.17-cli It is IDENTICAL to php:5.6.17 and so the default
  • php:5.6.17-apache It is an php container installation that provides the apache webserver WITH php
  • php:5.6.17-fpm It is an php container that can be used with nginx (FPM=FastCGI Process Manager)

Building Multi-Architecture Images

You SHOULD build images for amd64 and arm64 architectures at least.

Follows this article.